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Thank you Willis for sending our Stunt Stand. The kids have found it to be a great teaching tool, and has saved our staff hours of instruction in training new flyers! I would recommend the Stunt Stand to any gym to help in their training!!


Gym owner
Texas All Star Cheer

My husband purchased a Stunt Stand for my gym as a Christmas present and we have used it at every practice since then! We use it for so many things including teaching basic technique to our tiny team athletes all the way through working on full ups and tic-tocs with our top flyers from our co-ed team. Our flyers are required to hold all skills on the Stunt Stand before we stunt at each practice and we have seen a huge improvement with our stunting…..including a “best stunts” award and “overall high point” award last season! We look forward to using it for many seasons to come! Thank you!

Niki Oxley

Founder & Head Coach
Royalty Athletics

I split the cost with my daughter, who’s 12. She paid half….they have one at her gym and it’s a tremendous help. If your daughter is a flyer, and especially if she is that young, it’s definitely a great investment if she plans on staying with the sport. I thought it was expensive too, so having her pay half made her appreciate it that much more…she is never off the stupid thing! LOL Just my two cents as a mom 🙂

Jill Clark

Cheer mom from Arizona

I have had my Stunt Stand for about 5 months! I have been in All Star cheerleading for 7 years and this has definitely helped me to take it to the next level!! I try to practice on my Stunt Stand for about 20-30 minutes every day. Whenever I am stretching, I will bring it out to help my needles in the air. Sometimes, I get on my Stunt Stand and I can’t get off! It really helps me focus and I really feel like I’m flying! It gives me a workout!! 😀 . I love the Stunt Stand because I can really improve my flying skills and work on my body positions without having to be stunting! I love how my bases can really see a difference in my flying, in a good way! I love using the full-up insert because I can work on 360 to libs. I also love to use the one man insert, because it can be very challenging, so I really have to be focused and determined in order to get it solid!

Emilee Clark

All Star Cheerleader

Absolutely love this!! It’s been very beneficial to our flyers during stunt classes.

Karen from Illinois

Owns a black stand with green grips

The Stunt Stand device has helped my daughter tremendously! She is sticking her stunts now! Thanks!

Lynn from North Carolina

Owns a Pink Stand with Black Grips

I bought one at Cheersport Nationals this weekend and can’t get my girls off it!

Michael from Mississippi

Owns a Black Stand with Blue Grips

We put it to use as soon as it arrived! I had one flyer who has been TERRIFIED for two years about single leg stunts. She practiced a few times on the Stunt Stand, then went up to a half liberty with her stunt group and it was solid, so we cradled out of it. Then we sent her up to extended liberty (FIRST time ever) and she stuck it, SOLID! I was so impressed! Thank you!

Coach Tess

My daughters (9 and 12) are both fliers in their second year of cheer and have been practicing for the past month using the Stunt Stand. This product has increased their skill level and confidence immensely in a very short time. I am very pleased with the Stunt Stand and can tell you it is a great investment for the cheerleader in your life!

Cheryl from Georgia

Owns 2 Stunt Stands

Thank you so much…it arrived yesterday and my daughter has worked herself to death on it yesterday and today….LOVES IT so far!!! Tonight at practice, she hit her full up to extension more consistently than ever!!! [Continued 21 days later] …Just an update…. she hit her fullup to extension both days at Cheersport!!! Had to learn it quick and thanks to the Stunt Stand it was successful!!!!!

Holly from North Carolina

Owns a Black Stand with Blue Grips

Bought it for my daughter a year ago and she loves it. She uses it every day now and has seen a great improvement in her balance. I would recommend to all flyers!

Mara Bodenhausen from Texas

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