Cheerleaders Review Pro Hair Tie

Cheerleaders Review The Pro Hair Tie

Hesitant to try out the PRO Hair Tie? You’ve seen it on Instagram and at competitions, but you’re still not convinced they will work for you. Well, don’t take our word for it!

We asked some of our favorite all-star cheerleaders their thoughts on the PRO Hair Tie. If they love it, we know you will too!

Reviews of the Pro Hair Tie

Lala Perez Reviews The Pro Hair Tie

Lala Peraza (

PRO Hair Tie is a game-changer when it comes to doing my hair. It holds my ponytail securely whether I am hanging out at home or going full out at practice. That’s a big change from having to wear at least two normal hair ties and still having to redo my hair. Taking the hair tie out is so easy because of the clasp. I’m so happy I no longer have to deal with untangling my hair from my hair tie. I would definitely recommend PRO Hair Tie to all cheerleaders!
Review of Pro Hair Tie by Ava Acheson

Ava Acheson (@ava_acheson)

I love my PRO Hair Ties! They are the perfect hair ties for cheerleaders because they hold your hair while you stunt, tumble and jump. When I’m ready to let my hair down, I don’t ever have to worry that my hair will get pulled out with it. Also, no more cutting hair ties out with scissors!

As an athlete, I always have a hair tie or two on my wrist. I love that the PRO Hair Ties look like cute bracelets, so I can rock them anywhere.
Kiley Hawkins Pro Hair Tie

Kiley Hawkins (@kiley_hawkins)

PRO Hair ties are the BEST! I absolutely love them. My favorite feature is the design and material because it holds my hair so well, which is really important during practice and competition. They never slip or fall out like regular hair ties, so redoing my hair all the time isn’t an issue anymore. It’s also so easy to remove from my cheer hair. If you’re a cheerleader, you NEED to try the PRO Hair Tie! It will be your new favorite hair accessory.
Kylee Mancey Cheerleader

Kylee Mancey (@k.mancey)

My favorite feature of The Pro Hair Tie would definitely be the strong grip and easy release clasp that it has! It makes it super easy to take out of my hair! This hair tie doesn’t come out when I tumble or stunt because of the strong grip! The Pro Hair Tie comes in many different colors but my favorite would be the orange or coral color! My favorite thing about The Pro Hair Tie would be how stylish and cute it is which means I can wear it as a bracelet as well as a hair tie! I would definitely recommend this Hair Tie to everyone!
Bella Norris

Bella Norris (@bella_norris10)

I love PRO Hair ties because they are so much easier to use and are pain free coming out your hair! I love that you only need to wrap them twice in your hair style because you can customize the size of the PRO hair tie to your hair type by trimming them to the right size! This also makes sure that your hair style is going to stay in place even during the hardest and longest practices!! I use them in all of my hairstyles from pony tails to French braids- and so many more fun styles!

Another thing I love is all of the fun colors they are available in! My favorites are the bright colors- pink, purple because they are perfect for summer. I also love the pastel colors which I wear for school- they even have great colors that blend with your hair color.

If you haven’t tried them yet, you really have to. PRO Hair Tie are awesome!
Belle Fabian

Belle Fabian (@belle.h.fabian)

I have very thick long hair and have tried many different hair ties throughout the years. The PRO Hair Tie is my favorite, because has a secure grip on my hair and does not fall out even with intense physical activity. With many hairties I have tried it the past I have had to use multiple to put my hair up and by the middle of practice my hair had still fallen out. I love the variety of colors PRO Hair Ties come in as well! There is one to match all of my outfits, but also neutral colors for competitions. One of my favorite features of the PRO Hair Tie is the easy release clasp. It does not damage my hair when taking it down and is painless! I could never go back to regular hairties after using the PRO Hair Tie!
Bella Rose

Bella Rose (@bella.blanc)

I like PRO Hair Tie because of all the fun and neutral colors, that it saves your hair by not pulling and ripping at it and how convenient they are. My favorite feature is the Easy- release clasp but I also love the range of colors! My favorite color is the glow in the dark white , blue or black because they are really pretty hair ties and bracelets and they look really pretty worn together or with other bracelets also! My PRO Hair Ties only ever fall out when I have worn them so much! other wise I have no problems and they are great and much better than any normal hair ties! Overall PRO Hair Ties are so fun to use they can be used with so many different hair styles and add an extra pop to any hair style as well!
Bella Chromey

Bella Chromey (@bellazgotzskillz)

I love using my Prohairtie so much! I love that when I do buns I can use the easy clasp instead using regular hair ties, which was me, pulling my hair out and usually needing to cut out a regular hair tie. They are also the best for cheer because it stays in place during practices! I also use one for my bow which makes it so easy to put on with my hairpiece. My two younger sisters are also big fans and love to use [them] especially around holidays. There are so many color options to coordinate with everything! My faves are probably the grey and pink! I def recommend Prohairtie to all athletes or just anyone that wants fashion and function!
Mackenzie Essner

Mackenzie Essner (@kenzie.faith13)

I love PRO Hair Ties because I have super thick hair and they hold my hair better than anything else! The secure grip and easy release makes styling my hair 100x easier. They never fall out at practice no matter how many full outs we do. I love how the PRO Hair Ties are not only for your hair, but you can accessorize with them and there is always one to match my outfit!
London Smith

London Smith (@cheerlondon)

I absolutely love the pro hair tie , I love their ease of use. Not only are they colorful but they are very stylish . I wear mine as bracelets, hair ties, and even as a headband. My favorite color prohairtie is blue and the glow in the dark one. When cheering I always trust the pro’s to keep my ponytail secured and in place.
Bella Bermudez

Bella Bermudez (@cheer4bella)

I am so happy with the new and improved Pro hair ties. I use them all the time. My hair is long and wavy… [they are] easy to put on and the easy release clasp... isn’t bulky. It really is true it does not pull your hair or snag it like traditional hair ties. I also use Pro hair ties for competition. I use them to secure my competition bow to ensure its secure and doesn’t fall out. I have shown some of my teammates who also started using them. I even have given them as a sign of friendship. I love all the colors because they are so bright and vibrant. The bright yellow, red and blue are awesome but I have to say bright PINK is my favorite color. Thank you Pro hair tie for allowing me to be an ambassador, a true champion and believer of this amazing hair product.

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Kiara Nowlin is a 3x cheerleading and power tumbling world champion. For 10 years, she has traveled across the US and internationally hosting tumbling clinics. Nowlin won three national championship titles as a member of the Baylor University Acrobatics & Tumbling team, where she also earned spots on both the Academic and NCATA All-American team. She graduated with a major in public relations and minor in Mandarin Chinese.

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