How to Use – Stunt Stand® Door  Strap

Product Features

Travel-Friendly Portable Design
The efficient design allows you to stretch anywhere.

                             Secure Non-Scratch Door Anchor

Door Anchor will not leave marks on door and stays in place.

Stretch While Standing – 100% Realistic

Practice your stretches in the same way you would in the air!

Secures Onto Shoe While Stretching

Double Loop design allows you to secure it onto your foot without sliding.

100% Money Back Guarantee
We stand behind our products and your results are our #1 priority.

The Stunt Stand® door strap comes with 2 pieces. One that goes over the door, and another strap that will allow you to pull your body positions with ease. The Stunt Stand™ door stretching and flexibility strap allows you to perfect your body positions WHILE standing up! The design allows you to practice the position the same way as in the air! Stretch out after practice to get the best results and keep your muscles competition ready! Flyers can practice body positions on both legs ranging from heel stretches, scorpions, bow and arrows and MORE in the safety and comfort of your own home! Don’t let flexibility hold you back from being the best flyer for your stunt group! Order yours today and start stretching like NEVER before!

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