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How to Use Stunt Stand Door Strap
How to Use Stunt Stand Elite Edition
How to Use Stunt Stand Sensor Technology
How to Use Stunt Stand Foot Stretcher
How to Use Stunt Stand 3-Loop Strap
How to Use Stunt Angel Base Training Device
How to Use Stunt Stand Bow Box

How To Use Cheerleading Training Equipment

Each stunt training product has instructional videos online for your personal improvement. You'll understand how to use cheer Stunt Stand® brand equipment during your daily practice routine. For example, cheerleading training at home starts with flexibility, and our door straps and foot stretchers are the first tools that should be part of your stretching routine. When you have flexibility, you are less likely to get injuries and learning new skills comes easy.

How to use cheer stretch bands is extremely simple and can be taught to any age of flyer. Lift, pull and stretch your way to a more flexible body position. By using the straps, you'll be able to practice arabesque, liberties, heel stretches and scorpions with ease. Use our cheerleading instructional videos to guide your training and see the results for yourself. The sensor technology fits inside your stunt box and allows you to adjust the weight in your foot as needed to get results!