Training Equipment for Flyers

Becoming an elite flyer requires a significant commitment to the development of your strength and technique. This means more than just team practices and a few cheer camps each year. Succeeding at a high level in competitive cheer becomes a full-time commitment. That means going above and beyond and putting in more time and effort than the competition.

Acquiring the equipment that enables you to work on your flexibility and technique from the convenience of your own home and on your own time can take your flies to the next level. Don’t let shaky feet, ankles and legs deduct costly technique points from your performance.

Allow yourself to be the best flyer you can be with training equipment designed specifically for you.

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Train For Flyer Stunts

Stunt Stand

$349.00 $249.00

Save $100

Our flagship product is an innovative device for flyers of all levels. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re preparing for a big cheer tryout, the Stunt Stand allows you to practice any stunt from the safety of the floor without pressure from peers. Practicing your stunts without fear will help you develop faster and keep you encouraged throughout your development. Designed to accommodate all stunts (including 360 spins) and with real feel, hand simulation grips to encourage proper development of technique. Upgrade your Stunt Stand to the a black glitter exterior or add our sensor technology at a discounted rate to take your training up a notch!

Features include:

  • Adjustable settings for different stunts and foot sizes
  • Patented hand-grip simulation
  • Low risk design for optimum safety
  • No-slip pads
  • Spinning inserts for 360° moves
  • Easily portable design
  • Safely holds up to 1,000lbs (Dad friendly!)
  • Optional black sparkle upgrade
Stretching For Cheer

Door Stretch Strap

$24.95 $19.95

Save $5

From scorpions to bow and arrows, achieve as deep a stretch as desired to maximize your flexibility. Use with or without a door, this convenient strap can help assist flyers at all levels in their stretching routine. Utilize multiple loop positions to achieve the desired stretch and intensity. Work on various poses and safely acclimate your body to balancing in these positions to build flexibility and muscle memory.

Ankle Strengthener


Strong ankles are fundamental to become a successful flyer. Having phenomenal flexibility and athleticism won’t matter if you lose points on your technique. Strengthen your ankles to maintain a solid base for your poses.

Place disc on the ground and develop ankle strength by balancing one foot at a time. Advance the exercise by lunging before stepping up through your balanced position.

*Do not practice your stunts on the ankle strengthener. You risk injury and it will improperly teach you to balance with your arms rather than locking out your ankle.

Weight Sensor Technology

$149.00 $99.00

Save $50

Your own personal trainer, right from home. With video recording and weight sensor technology, the Stunt Stand Sensor Technology allows you to self analyze and correct your technique. Sync your sensor with any Apple device and save videos instantly to watch your stunts.

Turn expensive private lessons into a convenient one-time cost. Take the time to practice your stunts safely at your own pace, without the pressure of spectators. With a stable and low to the ground Stunt Stand, you don’t have to worry about painful falls while you develop your strength and technique to perfection.

​Foot Stretcher


Strengthen your feet, ankles and shins with this unique device that will create the perfect point for all of your poses. From a seated position, strap your feet into the stretcher and straighten your legs. This will engage the foot, ankle and shin muscles you use to create picturesque toe points at the top of your stunts. Grab onto the handle for a deeper stretch. These exercises will help you achieve perfect form and prevent costly technique deductions.

Flyer Essential Pack

$298.94 $279.95

Save $18.99

If you want to be the best, you have to train like the best. This pack has everything a young or seasoned flyer needs to reach their full potential and prepare for any tryout or competition.

The Flyer Essential Pack Includes

Stunt Stand Training Device – Patented hand simulating grips and safe low to the ground design make this the perfect practice device for any flyer. Practice on your own time and at your own pace to safely perfect your craft and start flying to the top of the cheer ranks!

Door Stretch Strap – Intensify your stretching practice and achieve the perfect form for your poses from the convenience of your own home. 

3-Loop Strap – Easily stowable, or perfect for at home stretching to get you ready for next season. Perform all of your necessary stretches with a convenient central loop to pull yourself deeper into your stretches.

Stunt Stand Carrying Bag – The perfect travel bag for the perfectly portable Stunt Stand!

Stunt Stand Clutch – Just the right size to take with to competitions for those last minute necessities right before you hit the floor. 

Sensor Technology (Optional) – For $25 off the original price you can add this revolutionary training technology to this set. Receive instant feedback on your form as well as video recordings sent right to your Apple device..

​Cheer Fit Pack

$79.94 $59.95

Save $19.99

Technique is vital to succeeding as a flyer. However, if you don’t have the strength and flexibility, you won’t be able to achieve or properly finish your stunts without costly deductions. Get your body fit for phenomenal flies and serious stunts with this Cheer Fit Pack.

Set Includes

Door Stretch Strap – One of the fastest and most convenient ways to achieve the necessary flexibility to reach all the poses a great flyer should have in her arsenal. Simply insert into your bedroom door and you have your elite training station right inside your home. 

3-Loop Strap – The perfect tool to take with on your competitions or performances to get your body limber and ready to fly!

Ankle Strengthener – Don’t let a wobbly ankle cost you technique deductions or impact the show you put on for fans. Strong ankles help keep you and your bases safe from dangerous falls and allow you finish your stunts with a flourish.

2 Disc Sliders – Build up the flexibility and strength in your legs and core with these sliders designed for challenging exercises that are perfect for flyers. 

Stunt Stand Clutch – A cute and convenient clutch to carry your hair ties, tape, makeup and any other last minute necessities you may need right before a big competition.

​Essential Stretching Pack

$39.94 $29.95

Save $9.99

Whether you’re looking to develop or maintain the flexibility it takes to perform the perfect stunts, this set has everything you need to quickly and safely limber up for next season.

Set Includes

Door Stretch Strap – Whether you’re in your home or on the road, the door stretch strap is conveniently designed with portability in mind. It’s easy to set up and once you do, you’ll have your own stretching station to practice your poses and improve your flexibility.

3-Loop Travel Strap – The perfect companion to prepare any flyer for a great performance. Keep this strap in your cheer bag at all times to achieve deep stretches anywhere you go. 

Stunt Stand Clutch – For those times when you can’t lug around a big cheer bag while at a competition, this clutch is the perfect size to fit your make-up, tape, phone, hair ties and other small essentials you need right before a performance.