Training Equipment for Bases

Bases are versatile members of a cheer squad. They need the strength, flexibility and agility to perform ground routines as well as lifts. Building up ankle, leg, shoulder, arm and wrist strength is critical to be a good base. Not only will this make for more exciting flies, it’s necessary to keep you and your teammates safe. While drops are apart of cheer, building yourself up to be the best base you can be will limit the potential for injuries.

Using training equipment gives you extra opportunities to perfect your lifts and strengthen your body outside of cheer practice. If you want to make it as a base at the highest level of cheer, you’re going to have to put in the extra hours. If you only do as much as everyone else, you’re going to find it hard to crack a collegiate team, let alone competitive stunt team.

The competition and camaraderie that comes with competitive cheerleading is unmatched anywhere else. Make the most of your passion for cheer with training equipment for bases that brings the most out of you.

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Stunt Angel For Bases

​Stunt Angel

$149.00 $68.95

Save $80.05

A base’s best friend. Train your lifts and holds anytime without the risk of painful falls. Designed with a realistic weight and feel to simulate a true lift experience. Regardless of your comfort level or strength, training with the Stunt Angel™ takes the risk and stress out of putting in the necessary training to build the strength, confidence and technique to be a successful base.

Safe- The high quality material ensures that bases will not get harmed while using this product.

Stretching For Cheer

Door Stretch Strap

$24.95 $19.95

Save $5

All you need is a door to achieve deep stretches that can significantly improve your flexibility. In the convenience of your own home, you can stay limber with deep foot, quad and hamstring stretches as well as shoulder and tricep stretches. For bases, strength and flexibility are both crucial. Take a dual approach to maximizing your athleticism with the Door Stunt Strap.

Ankle Strengthener


Wrist and ankle strength is pivotal for bases. Strong ankles provide the necessary balance and support for ground poses and movements as well as lifts. Wrist strength gives you the ability not only perform lifts and holds, but steady your holds to perfect the presentation for fans and judges. Place round side down and place pressure on the disc with either a single foot or hand and work on balancing. This will engage the muscles in the wrists and ankles that work on stability.

​Foot Stretcher


You can’t be a good base if your own base isn’t strong. Pointed Toe Foot Stretchers will strengthen your feet and ankles and turn you into the perfect building block for any stunt. Make yourself the best teammate you can you be. Make yourself the best cheerleader you can be with tools like the Pointed Toe Foot Stretchers.

​Cheer Fit Pack

$79.94 $59.95

Save $19.99

Everything you need as a base to reach your highest potential. Included in the pack you’ll find:

  • 3 Loop Travel Stretch Strap
  • Door Stunt Strap
  • Wrist/Ankle Strengthener
  • Disc Sliders (Pair)
  • Stunt Stand Clutch

By purchasing a packaged set, you save 40% on the training equipment that can transform your abilities. Don’t neglect any aspect of cheer and give yourself the ultimate empowerment to train your whole body anytime, anywhere.

​Essential Stretching Pack

$39.94 $29.95

Save $9.99

Looking for a little edge over your competition? This pack is travel-friendly and great for perfecting any pose. Warm-up before a big competition or put in the extra hours to maximize your flexibility with the Essential Stretching Pack!

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