Cheerleader Training Equipment

Every day spent in the cheer gym prepares you for the competition mat and we have the cheer training tools to make you the best athlete possible. Some products connect via Bluetooth, with your smartphone, for instant feedback on your progress.

Whether you’re a flyer, base, or back spot, we have the something for you. Safely practice your stunts and technique, without worrying about hurting yourself.

Door Strap

$24.95 $19.95

Save $5

Easy to travel with- On the go?? No worries! The Stunt Stand Door Strap easily attaches to any door, and allows you to improve your flexibility anywhere, anytime!!

Increases flexibility- Stunt Stand Door Strap allows you to practice any body positions, at any level!

Good for all levels- From heel-stretches to needles & bow-and-arrows, the Stunt Stand Door Strap can help you improve body positions at any level!

Stunt Stand

$349.00 $249.00

Save $100

Safe- With safety being our #1 priority for all athletes, we’ve created a safe alternative to stunting, made with absolutely NO metal or wood!

Improves Balance- Having a hard time staying balanced in the air? Not anymore! Our Stunt Stand provides you the most realistic and effective practice to prepare you for the real thing! Your bases will thank us!!

Interchangeable Blocks- Our Stunt Stand provides interchangeable blocks to prepare you for any level of stunting!

Ankle Strengthener



Helps with stunting AND tumbling- The Stunt Stand Ankle Strengtheners will quickly increase your strength needed to improve stunting and tumbling!

At home workouts- Ever feel the need to do some conditioning at home? Ankle Strengtheners provide you with easy and effective ways to work out from anywhere, at anytime!

Prevents injury- Not only do our Ankle Strengtheners assist in learning new skills, they will also help to prevent injuries caused by weak ankles/wrists!

Use The Stunt Stand Sensor

Weight Sensor Technology

$149.00 $99.00

Save $50


Instant feedback- Receive instant feedback on weight distribution while practicing, and visually track your progress frame-by-frame

FREE App download- Download the app for free onto your smart phone (available for Apple devices)


Foot Stretcher


Helps improve your pointed toes- Foot stretcher is great for keeping your toes pointed at all times! Whether stretching or practicing your skills, this product is guaranteed to improve your technique and execution!

Disc Slider


Gain core strength- Assists in working out/strengthening muscles essential for improving stunts, jumps and tumbling

Portable- The Disc Sliders are small and easy to travel with, so you can work out on the go!

Stunt Angel

$149.00 $68.95

Save $80.05

Great practice for bases- The Stunt Angel gives bases the ability to practice any level stunts (prep, one-leg stunts, full-ups, double-ups, etc.) without ever lifting a flyer. Master your technique at home, so you can go to practice ready for the real thing!

Safe- The high quality material ensures that bases will not get harmed while using this product

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