Cheerleader Training Equipment

If you want to be an elite cheerleader, it takes dedication and persistence. If all you do is train with your team and attend the occasional cheer camp, you’re not going to achieve the growth you need to make it to the next level. Collegiate, stunt and competitive cheerleaders didn’t get to the highest levels of cheer by doing just enough. Talent and physical ability will only get you so far.

Cheer equipment empowers you to put in the extra hours of training it takes to reach your highest potential. Out-train your peers and watch your abilities and confidence soar!

The quality of cheer equipment you use can inspire . Invest in your cheer career by investing in quality cheer equipment specially designed for high performance training.

At Stunt Stand, we aren’t just every other generic sporting goods brand putting out products to another market. All we do is cheer. Our products are designed with your training and safety in mind. Our customers can instantly feel the difference in their training sessions when they use our products catered to the specific stretches and movements that build great cheerleaders. Whether your new to cheer or performing professionally, work with training equipment that’s going to keep you safe and get the most out of every training session.

Stretching For Cheer

Door Stretch Strap

$24.95 $19.95

Save $5

Easy to travel with- On the go?? No worries! The Stunt Stand Door Strap easily attaches to any door, and allows you to improve your flexibility anywhere, anytime!!

Increases flexibility- Stunt Stand Door Strap allows you to practice any body positions, at any level!

Good for all levels- From heel-stretches to needles & bow-and-arrows, the Stunt Stand Door Strap can help you improve body positions at any level!

Train For Flyer Stunts

Stunt Stand

$389.00 $289.00

Save $100

Safe- With safety being our #1 priority for all athletes, we’ve created a safe alternative to stunting, made with absolutely NO metal or wood!

Improves Balance- Having a hard time staying balanced in the air? Not anymore! Our Stunt Stand provides you the most realistic and effective practice to prepare you for the real thing! Your bases will thank us!!

Interchangeable Blocks- Our Stunt Stand provides interchangeable blocks to prepare you for any level of stunting!

Ankle Strengthener


Helps with stunting AND tumbling- The Stunt Stand Ankle Strengtheners will quickly increase your strength needed to improve stunting and tumbling!

At home workouts- Ever feel the need to do some conditioning at home? Ankle Strengtheners provide you with easy and effective ways to work out from anywhere, at anytime!

Prevents injury- Not only do our Ankle Strengtheners assist in learning new skills, they will also help to prevent injuries caused by weak ankles/wrists!

Weight Sensor Technology

$149.00 $99.00

Save $50

Instant feedback- Receive instant feedback on weight distribution while practicing, and visually track your progress frame-by-frame

FREE App download- Download the app for free onto your smart phone (available for Apple devices)

Practice Stunts As A Base

​Stunt Angel

$149.00 $68.95

Save $80.05

Great practice for bases- The Stunt Angel gives bases the ability to practice any level stunts (prep, one-leg stunts, full-ups, double-ups, etc.) without ever lifting a flyer. Master your technique at home, so you can go to practice ready for the real thing!

Safe- The high quality material ensures that bases will not get harmed while using this product

Flyer Essential Pack

$338.94 $319.95

Save $18.99

This pack has everything you need to start your cheer career or compete with the elite. Whether you’re looking to develop better flexibility, strength or technique, this pack has it. Train like a pro with elite training equipment that empowers you to put in the extra time to make the climb to the top.

The Flyer Essential Pack Includes

Stunt Stand Training Device – Develop perfect form from the convenience of your own home. It’s low to the ground design eliminates the risk of harmful falls and its patented hand-simulation grips give you a real feel for stunts without having to rely on teammates to be available when you have time to practice.

Door Stretch Strap – Achieve deeper stretches and practice your poses with the door stretch strap. Place your foot in the adjustable loop on one end of the strap and pull the stretch/pose deeper and balance yourself with the other end. Perfect for bow and arrow, scorpion and heel stretches!

3-Loop Strap – Perfect for stretching on the go. Take this nifty strap in your cheer bag for night before and warm-up stretches that will keep your body in top form and ready to fly!

Stunt Stand Carrying Bag – The perfect carrying bag for your brand new, portable Stunt Stand®!

Stunt Stand Clutch – Travel friendly bag for straps, hair ties and other essentials. Always feel prepared for any competition with Stunt Stand®!

Sensor Technology (Optional) – Take $25 off the original price of this patented sensor when you combine it with this Flyer Essential Pack. This sensor is your own personal trainer with weight sensor technology and video recording for INSTANT feedback to perfect your technique.

​Cheer Fit Pack

$79.94 $59.95

Save $19.99

Superior athleticism is essential for success as a flyer. From achieving the right form in your stunts to souring with your jumps, you will only go as far as your strength, flexibility and body control will take you. Don’t let these physical factors impact your ability to cheer at the highest level. Get the Cheer Fit Pack and take your flies to new heights.

Set Includes

Door Stretch Strap – Achieve the deepest stretches for essential flyer poses with this convenient door strap. Put one foot through the loop and enter your desired pose. Use the other end of the strap to pull yourself further into the stretch to advance your flexibility fast!

3-Loop Strap – An essential stretching aid for any cheerleader. This perfectly portable strap is designed for deep stretching to develop flexibility or warm you up for a big performance.

Ankle Strengthener – Struggling to stand tall in raised stunts without wavering? This ankle strengthener will give you the strength and confidence to finish your stunts strong and avoid technique deductions.

2 Disc Sliders – Tone and stretch your muscles with disc slider that are designed to glide across smooth surfaces. Sliding your feet with these discs will quickly develop your strength and flexibility while also building your balance.

Stunt Stand Clutch – Carry your essentials anywhere your cheer career takes you!

​Essential Stretching Pack

$39.94 $29.95

Save $9.99

Looking for a little edge over your competition? This pack is travel-friendly and great for perfecting any pose. Warm-up before a big competition or put in the extra hours to maximize your flexibility with the Essential Stretching Pack!

Set Includes

Door Stretch Strap – Perfect for at home or on-the-go stretching. Use your bedroom or hotel door to achieve deep stretches to prepare your body for perfect poses.

3-Loop Travel Strap – Whether you’re in your room working on your flexibility or on the field before a performance, this travel-friendly strap is easy to take with you wherever you need a good warmup!

Stunt Stand Clutch – Don’t want to lug around a big bag? No worries! This cute clutch is perfect for those essentials you never want to be without while at a competition.