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PRO hair tie - The Official Hair Tie of Cheerleading - No Ripping or Tearing Hair Stunt Stand Stretching Flexibility Strap Stunt Standâ„¢ Purses and Carrying Bags to easily transport our products

Product Features

100% Customizable

The adjustable design will allow you to make it as tight or loose as you need it.

NEVER Rip Out Your Hair AGAIN!

The Patent-Pending Easy-release technology allows you to easily release it to take it out.

A Stylish Fashion Accessory

Not wearing it in your hair? Don't worry! It will still look beautiful while on your wrist!

100% Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our products and we guarantee you will be 100% happy with your purchase!

The Official Hair Tie of Cheerleading ™. The Stunt Stand™ Hair Tie keeps your hair looking beautiful every day! The patent-pending Easy-Release technology allows you to effortlessly remove hair ties without the struggle and damage to your hair from plain hair ties. 100% Customizable to fit your needs and tightness that your hair needs. Whether you have thin or thick hair, simply adjust your hair tie by cutting off length or leaving it longer -- The choice is yours! Don't settle for other hair ties that pull your precious and beautiful hair out. Keep your hair looking long and beautiful for years to come!

3-Loop Cheer Stunt Strap

The newly designed 3-Loop feature of our Stunt Stand™ stretching strap allows for easier use while trying to practice your body positions before going into the air! Work on your scorpions, bow and arrows, heel stretches, and even stretch both legs for perfect stunts in the air! When you watch a cheerleader in action, they bend and stretch into positions that are almost out of this world. These positions take many hours of practice to achieve. A helpful tool to improve any position is the stretching strap with loops. This specialized strap comes with three loops located equal distances from one another. Place your toe into one end, grab the other two loops with your hands, and this cheer stunt strap guides you into a winning position.

It's available in either pink or blue. Take one look at this cheer stretch strap, and you'll know that it's made of high-quality materials. The textured strap makes it easy to grasp as you sweat your way through a workout, and because it's designed as a multi-grip stretch strap, use it in various positions as your flexibility grows. With this tool in your duffel bag, you can practice with safety by your side.

Stunt Stand™ Sparkle Purse
Bow Boxes For Cheerleaders Stunt Stand Disc Slider
The Stunt Stand™ bow box allows you to keep your bows looking as nice as the day you bought them! Our hook design allows TWO BOWS to securely be held onto either side of the box and folds shut to keep them both looking competition ready!
Order now and receive the Stunt Stand™ metal clip ring for FREE!

Product Features

Gain Core Strength

Works out essential muscles for stunts, jumps and tumbling.

Improved Tumbling

Improve body-control with stronger hips, thighs, and hamstrings.

Improved Stunting

Essential to great stunts, is squeezing tight and lifting up!

Travel-Friendly & Portable

The portable design allows you to workout anywhere, anytime!

Stunt Stand Guarantee

Try our products for 30 days with absolutely NO RISK.

Disc Sliders

The newly designed Disc sliders allow athletes to gain core strength and workout their hip flexor muscles. Used in a variety of workouts, our Disc Sliders will allow you to gain the muscles necessary to improve jumps, stunts, and tumbling. The muscles worked will help improve full ups, every body position, and jumps. Cheerleaders are flipping and flying through the air so having a tight core is essential for both execution of skills and for the safe performance of these skills. Our Disc Sliders are portable and can easily be taken with you on vacation, while traveling, or to the gym for a quick workout! Bulk orders are available for gyms.

By strengthening the hip muscles, cheerleaders will be able to have less injuries from tumbling, stunting, and also improved balance. These items are sold as a set.