Cheer Body Positions

Cheerleading flyer positions are incredibly difficult to master. It takes strength, flexibility and balance in order to flex the body into those positions. Conquer the hardest cheerleading poses with our patented Stunt Stand® beneath you.

Start out with a “pretty girl” pose. Although you’re only bending one knee, you’re rotating the entire torso in a different direction than your lower body. Graduate to other flyer body positions, such as ” bow and arrow” or “arabesque.” By perfecting each stretch, you’ll see a more professional appearance as time goes by. Try cheer stunt positions that might be difficult, including “needle,” “heel stretch” and “liberty.” With a little practice using the right products, you’ll soon achieve flawless execution to make your school’s cheer squad or be the best on your team!

To help, we have created videos and guides on the following positions. Click the pictures below to see more information

Cheerleading Positions

  • Heel Stretch
  • Scale
  • Liberty
  • Bow and Arrow
  • Needle
  • Arabesque
  • Pretty Girl

Need Help Pulling Your Stunts?

The Stunt Stand stretch strap will increase your flexibility

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About Cheerleading Flyer Positions 

Cheer Scale Stunt Body Position
Cheer Liberty Stunt
Bow and Arrow Cheerleading Stunt
Heel Stretch Cheer Body Position
Cheer Needle Position
Arabesque Stunt