Ultimate Stunt Training Experience
Ultimate Stunt Training Experience

Price: $1,999.00

Availability: Please Email for Scheduling

Number of Athletes:

Are you in need of an expert to help you or your flyer reach their full potential? Have you spent hundreds of dollars in private stunt lessons and still feel like you need someone who can help? Are you looking to get an EDGE on the competition that no one else has offered before?

I am Willis Yehl, Owner and Inventor of the Stunt Stand® training device. I am taking on a new challenge of offering flyers around the world the opportunity to train with me personally in order to learn the tips and tricks that can take their flying skills to the next level. I have worked with some of the best flyers, bases, and coaches across the nation. I have also spent the last 3 years instructing flyers on our Stunt Stand® training device and helping flyers improve their body positions and their flying skills at events across the country. If you are ready for the ultimate personalized stunt training experience, look no further.

I am offering to fly to your location, work with you or your athlete one on one (or max group of 4 athletes) to give them the ultimate in-depth stunt training experience. This experience will be custom-built around your schedule providing 15 hours of instruction. I will bring the Stunt Stand® training devices and we will have an intensive two-day course built around the specific needs of your flyer.

If your flyer implements the TOOLS that I provide over the course of our training, I personally GUARANTEE you will see the RESULTS that you desire, or YOUR MONEY BACK!

I only have a very limited number of weekends available for this sort of training session and I look forward to working with you or your athlete! Please email me at orders@stuntstand.com with your proposed dates and I will be happy to work with your schedule that best fits your needs.