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Cheerleading Stunt Training Equipment

Cheerleaders are the acrobats of the sports world, where they jump, tumble and fly through the air at competitions. Our cheerleading stunt training equipment prepares flyers to perform stunts as safely and with correct technique. Unlike the outdated stunt stepper, fly right and balance disc, the Stunt Stand® flyer training devices, stretch straps gives you the flexibility and strength that is the essential cheerleading equipment for home use. Being flexible and balanced on the sidelines and competition floor is the key to cheerleading success!

Explore other cheerleading accessories that make a difference, such as bow boxes and our library of stunt training and instructional videos. Our unique collection of cheerleading training tools will give you the edge over your competition and improve both stunts and jumps! Try out our newest sensor technology that is the ultimate cheer equipment for flyers. By giving you feedback about positioning and balance like never before, you will gain skills faster and without injury! Don’t get hurt on simple, cheap and un-safe metal or wooden boxes, but instead get the results you deserve with our Stunt Stand® line of products!

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