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How to Use - Stunt Stand® Bow Box

Product Features

Bow Box To Protect Hair Bows

Holds 2 (or more) Bows

The design allows for 2 bows to be surely held in place without moving around. You can squeeze up to 4 inside this durable bow box if needed!

Travel-Friendly & Durable

Keep your bows competition-ready with this ultra-durable bow box that can even hold the weight of a flyer without breaking!

Free Clip Included

Secure the Bow Box to your backpack and not worry about it falling off with our high-quality metal clip.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our products and your results are our #1 priority.

Never let your bows be crushed again! The Stunt Stand® bow box allows you to travel with your cheerleading bows and never worry about them being crushed again. This bow case comes with a Stunt Stand® brand metal clip that will securely keep your bow box attached to your backpack!

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