How To Order – Classic Edition

All orders placed after April 19, 2014
will be shipped out in roughly 3 weeks.
If you have questions, please email us at

Classic Edition Black Bases with Classic Grip Color are Only $399.00 + $30.00 S&H

To order by phone: Call (972) 244-3312 any time, 24/7.

To order online:

  1. Select grip color.
  2. Select accessories.
  3. Click “Add to Cart”.
  4. Complete payment.
Select Grip Color
Special Grip Color(+$25)
Stunt Strap, Tote Bag, and Bow

Carrying Totes and Stunt Straps


Pink Glitter Grips

Pink Glitter Grips

Pink/Purple Swirl Grips

Black with Pink/Purple Swirl Grips

Pink Grips

Black with Pink Grips

Blue Grips

Black with Blue Grips

Purple Grips

Black with Purple Grips

Red Grips

Black with Red Grips

Green Grips

Black with Green Grips

Black Grips

Black with Black Grips

Orange Grips

Black with Orange Grips

Yellow Grips

Black with Yellow Grips

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