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How it works – Partner Stunts

Collegiate/Partner Instructional Video Beginner to Elite

Beginner Positions: Place the All-Girl insert directly in front of the Main Base on the Stunt Stand. Whenever you are doing collegiate and partner stunts you will have less hand support, it will be either a single or a double base. Put your heel on the Main Base and the middle portion of your foot in the front of the All-Girl insert.

More Challenging: Put the College Partner insert (the one shorter than the Side Base insert) in the Stunt Stand where the ball of your foot would touch and put your heel on the Main Base.

Most Challenging: Place the College Partner insert the length of the Stunt Stand

Intermediate Positions: Place the Side Base insert directly flush with the Main Base and stand with your foot in the middle (your toe and heel will hang slightly off the Stunt Stand)

Elite Positions: (Single Based Stunts- with one arm) Stand up on the Main Base with no inserts. Place the middle of your foot on the Main Base

More Challenging: Walk In Stunts- stand on the side opposite of the Main Base, (Always make sure you have the Spinning insert set to the size of your foot; adjust it back or forth based on your foot size; heel should be on the back portion of the Main Base and the toe should be at the top of the Spinning insert) you want to have the front portion of your toe on the spinning insert and you will stand straight up and spin until your heel lands on the Main Base.