1 Secret for Fliers | Improve Every Stunt, Guaranteed!

1 Secret for Fliers to Improve Every Stunt

Select a Shoe that Fits.

Yes, determining which shoe that you wear while you are performing stunts can significantly impact the way that your stunt is affected in the air, so here are three tips to make sure that your shoe is worn correctly and fits your foot!

1.  Make sure the shoe fits your foot

The flier’s toe should go all the way to the end of the shoe, allowing for little movement inside of the shoe.

2.  Make sure that the shoe is always tied tightly to your foot

The most common mistake that fliers make is by not tying their shoe properly.  Before you are ever in the air, you should always tie your shoes extra snug so that you are not allowing your foot to slide or shift while the base or bases are holding you in your stunt.  This can be dangerous and uncomfortable for the bases while providing your stunt with less stability.

3.  Test your shoe

If you are able to easily slide your shoes on and off, it simply means that you are not wearing the shoe correctly for stunting.  If your foot is able to slide out of the shoe, you have not properly tied the laces and your shoe is too big for your foot.  Flyers must take extra care of their shoes and make sure to untie them after practice in order to save the structure of the shoe and to also get your foot out.  Like we mentioned before, if your foot is able to slide out, tie your shoe tighter!

Do you have a favorite cheer shoe? If so, which kind is it and how long have you had them for?  Are you following the guidelines here or will you fix your shoes today? Let us know what you think by commenting below!


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